sterilizer chamber cleaning

OEM (original equipment manufacturers) and AMII require sterilizer chambers be cleaned. Dirty chambers create a potential contamination risk during the sterilization process.  We provide sterilizer chamber cleaning services for medical provides across the United States.  Our service is thorough, ensures a sanitary chamber, and will ensure your equipment continues to function at top performance.

We HIGHLY recommend having tune-ups, repairs, and inspections on all products ANNUALLY.

The Long-term Problems of Oxidation include
  • The oxidation acts as an insulator absorbing heat
  • This absorption causes uneven heat or slows the heating process of the sterilizer
  • The oxidation can become layered
  • Layers loosen and contaminate the loads or leave wet packs
Our Process is Clean, Quick and Non-invasive
  • Non-destructive to the internal chamber
  • No preparation of your work area needed
  • No air hoses running through your work space
  • No risk of contaminating work space with beads or sand
  • Time required for entire process is only three hours
  • We work flexible access times – 24 hours a day and on weekends
  • Our employees are specially trained sterilizer service technicians and can conduct any repairs if necessary
sterilizer chamber cleaning before

BEFORE chamber cleaning

sterilizer chamber cleaning after

AFTER chamber cleaning

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