Table Top Sterilizers

ALL Table Top Sterilizers are required to have a Preventive Maintenance program preformed on them at least once a year by a qualified sterilizer service company (recommended twice a year). Law suits from infection are on the increase in veterinary clinics, doctor clinics and tattoo shops. Your only defense is documentation.
We maintain all your records and send you copies of your preventive maintenance and service history annually.

Annual tune-ups, repairs, and inspections on all products are HIGHLY recommended.

Tuttnauer Autoclaves

The Elara11 Pre/Post - Vacuum Class B Sterilizer

The Elara11 tabletop autoclave is a reliable and robust Class B sterilizer designed for the needs of Dental clinics, Medical clinics and Veterinary clinics where autoclaving requires pre post vacuum sterilization. Featuring a multi-color display, an EZPad, a built-in printer, a USB Port, and an 11" chamber, this autoclave sterilizer is state of the art. And with safety being our number one priority, choosing Tuttnauer is the natural choice.

Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55.

We service all brands and models

Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Requirements

  • Chamber and all piping should be cleaned and flushed

    (cultured particles found in dirty chambers can contaminate your packs)

  • Safety devices such as safety valves and door locking mechanism

    (prevent sterilizer from being open during cycle)

  • Calibration check, temperature/pressure agreement

    (critical to ensure sterilizer has been checked)

  • Replacement of door gaskets

  • Cleaning out valves

  • Clean and inspect electronics

  • Remove and clean strainers

  • Flush and clean water reservoir

  • Check and/or replace bellow assembly

  • Clean strainer

  • Replace and or clean traps

  • Test door lock sensor

Our Sterilizer Repair Service provides repairs on all makes and models of tabletop sterilizers regardless of age or condition.

C-Tech Repair Lab

• We sell and service new, used and refurbished sterilizers
• Fast turnaround on sterilizer repairs after estimate approval
Free Loaners Available (with service repair)
• All units are provided with computer-tested documentation
• We provide financing
• Our Preventive Maintenance Program includes FREE LABOR (when called during normal business hours)
• Authorized service shop for Tuttnauer USA
• Parts accounts with all other sterilizer brands
• Pressure Vessel contractors licenses – KY1738
• Veteran owned business
• We are a local company established in 2001
• Panasonic /Sonya MLS 3780/3750

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Propper Manufacturing Co. has been a leader in healthcare manufacturing for nearly a century. As a mainstay in this industry, they have expanded our expertise from sterility assurance to include medical and veterinary diagnostics while we also provide support to all allied health fields. Propper is committed to providing high quality, domestically made, eco-conscious products with exceptional pricing. Propper’s primary mission is to eliminate hospital-acquired infections and improve healthcare with innovative products.

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