Disinfection Washers

The increased reprocessing needs of Central Sterile Services Departments call for systems that are designed to clean and disinfect specific medical utensils, surgical instruments and other articles found in healthcare facilities. C-tech offers washing and disinfecting systems for many types of healthcare facilities. Our range of single-chamber washers, hospital cart washers, ultrasonic washers and multi-chamber washers allows healthcare facilities to find the system that works best for their operations.

  • Annual tune-ups, repairs, and inspections on all products are HIGHLY recommended.

Disinfection Flushers

New, used, and refurbished washers available

The Reliance® EPS Endoscope Processing System and the Reliance® DG oxidizing chemistry offer a safe alternative to aldehydes in a validated system designed specifically for use in the GI Department. The Reliance EPS processor and Reliance DG chemistry are designed and validated to perform together.

  • Safe for your Staff
  • Eliminate staff exposure hazards associated with toxic glutaraldehyde and other aldehyde-based HLD solutions by utilizing a dry oxidizing chemistry
  • Greatly diminishes chemical exposure and requires no special venting, measuring, mixing or pouring
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Propper Manufacturing Co. has been a leader in healthcare manufacturing for nearly a century. As a mainstay in this industry, they have expanded our expertise from sterility assurance to include medical and veterinary diagnostics while we also provide support to all allied health fields. Propper is committed to providing high quality, domestically made, eco-conscious products with exceptional pricing. Propper’s primary mission is to eliminate hospital-acquired infections and improve healthcare with innovative products.

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